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The Magrette Moana Pacific Pro Steel is now up for pre-order.

I will freely admit, there is a soft spot in my mechanical watch heart when it comes to Magrette.  This is because they produced the first automatic that I had to grace my wrist, and the smell of that pine box that it came in sticks with me to this day.  Well, that, and the fact that they’re producing some great designs at lovely prices.  The newest Magrette Moana Pacific Professional (in steel) follow that trend, and adds something new to the mix.

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PRE-Orders are now open

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Steel

The Moana Pacific Professional Steel, like the Moana Pacific Professional Black has been updated with two big improvements from the previous Moana Pacific Professional models. The first improvement is the bezel insert; this is metal brushed with engraved markers filled with Super Luminova C3 (green in color) rated the highest on the LumiNova chart below. The second update is a Swiss Made STP1-11 automatic movement.

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A Blog to wAtch

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch

Now in its tenth year of operation, it’s almost unfair to call Magrette a "micro" anymore, as the Auckland, NZ-based brand has earned its place at the table and continues to impress with affordable, original designs that have maintained their staying power in an increasingly crowded space of independent watch labels. Further solidifying the brand’s reputation is an update to its flagship Moana Pacific Professional – a 44mm diver that's still as affordable as ever, but is now powered by a Swiss-made STP movement, and finished with a brushed-steel and fully lumed, DLC-coated bezel insert.

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Moana Pacific Professional Black Features in New Zealand Magazine- UNO

Great to be the Ed's pick in a great Mag. Thanks guys.

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Worn & Wound

THe Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Gets Updated, Pre-order Now.

New Zealand-based Magrette is no stranger to worn&wound. Way back when, we took a close look at the brand’s Regattare 2011. It was then and remains today a conceptually interesting watch, one that obviously pulls inspiration from some well known references and yet manages to deliver a fresh, value driven-package. Since then Magrette has grown by leaps and bounds, releasing numerous models—all variations on a theme, no doubt—with enough in the mix to grow a broad and loyal fan base.

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Maui's Fish


THe Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black

You know you’re in trouble when you get sent a batch of photos of a new model and you can’t even whittle them down to a reasonable, 10 or 12 images, so let’s first talk about the photos, first – they perfectly illustrate what a desirable piece of luxury diving kit the new Moana Pacific Professional Black is. 

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M2 Magazine

Magrette features in American Engravers The 21st CenturyBy C. Roger Bleile

This deluxe hardcover 9x12 inch landscape format book features the best works and individual engraver biographical sketches of Americas finest contemporary engravers plus one Kiwi.


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