How to Use Your Chronograph

How to use your chronograph Magrette

B) Winding

Unscrew the crown (B) anti-clockwise until you feel it has fully unscrewed. Then wind for 20 half turns. The second hand (the small left hand dial, 9H) will then move naturally. Because this is a manual wind you will need to repeat this winding process, of 20 half turns daily around the same time every day.

To fully wind, it is about 40 half turns from stopped position. This will power the watch for 45 hours without the chronograph working and 37 with the chronograph working.

Note: if when fully wind you cannot screw the crown down, it is important not to force it. If you cannot screw the crown down it may be because you have wound it too much. In this instance, it is best to leave it for a few hours then try to wind the crown down. This is very uncommon but can occasionally happen.

Adjusting time

  1. Unscrew crown anti-clockwise until you feel it has unscrewed. Then pull the crown out to the 2nd position (pulled right out).
  2. Turn the crown to set hour and minute hands.
  3. Push the crown back to the normal position. Turn clockwise while maintaining downward pressure on the crown. Continue until crown is finger tight.


  1. 1901 is hand winding mechanical chronograph movement
  2. Hour, minute and chronograph hands at centre
  3. Minute accumulator at 3H (30 minutes/ round)
  4. Small second at 9H


  1. Crown at position1: hand-winding
  2. Crown at position2: time adjusting
  3. Pusher A: chronograph hand starting and stopping
  4. Pusher C: chronograph hand resetting

Extend running time(hours)

With Chronograph working ≥37
Without Chronograph working ≥45

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