Magrette Timepieces is a boutique dive and sport watch brand based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We aspire to bring the personal touch into all the timepieces we create. We only produce restricted batches so we can focus on creating quality product for our customers.

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  • Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🎉Among other things, Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexican heritage and pride. It has evolved into a cultural celebration that highlights Mexican culture. 🇲🇽It's also a good opportunity to dress up your watches!Scroll through for our Top Cinco reasons why we love flyer (or traveller) style GMT watches. Do you agree? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below...⬇️Enjoy the day!#cincodemayo #celebration #festive #watchfam #NATOstraps
  • It's almost here! Some lucky viewers will get to experience a solar eclipse today! 🌑In honour of the Big Event we're revisiting some of our favourite lume shots. Don't really need an excuse because, well, we all love lume! Doesn't matter if it's a dive watch, a GMT watch, a straight up sport watch...even welcome (in moderation, granted) on a dress watch. There's something about that little burst of light that is inherently cool, so long as it's not radioactive.Where are you going to watch the show? Let us know in the comments below. ⬇️Happy (and safe) eclipse viewing!#eclipse2024 #watchfam #lume #divewatches #GMTwatches
  • The eternal question...Black or split-colour bezel?We launched the Waterman GMT Titanium last year with a pair of dials (black and polar white), with choice of full black or black+red coke ceramic bezel inserts. Don't know about you, but we find it hard to decide our favourite.What say you? Black bezels all around? Or splash in some spicy red with the Coke bezel? Classic black dial? Or crisp polar?Let us know your choice below! Looking forward to the results. Pass along to your GMT-loving mates for their votes. Cheers! ⚫️🔴#watchfam #GMT #titaniumwatches #GMTwatches #travel
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!As is our tradition, we like to experiment with green-tinged mockups of our collection. While not a production piece what do you think of this iteration of the Waterman GMT Titanium?Let us know in the comments below, and enjoy a pint or two today. Cheers! 🍻PS. While this green'y Waterman does not exist, don't forget we have a for reals Waterman GMT Bronze with degradé green dial on deck. More details on pre-order through link in bio. 🍀🔔#watchfam #GMT #titaniumwatches #stpatricksday #travel
  • Magrette Monday again! 🤙🏼🇳🇿Could have worse problems than trying to decide between bracelet, rubber or nylon when dressing up the Waterman GMT Titanium. Different characters, each. But also a great way to change things when travelling with a {cough} traveller GMT. Particularly with the custom bracelet and Magrette-embossed rubber strap which both feature quick release pins for tool-free changes.When you travel with a GMT watch (or any watch for that matter) how do you pair it? One and done? Or bring along some extra shoes for variety? Which and why?Let us know in the comments below. ⬇️ Share with a fellow automatic watch lover and have them do the same!Enjoy your week!#watchfam #GMT #titaniumwatches #bronzewatches #travel
  • Getting in on the #fivewatchcollection action inspired by @morgansaignes — any suggestion of an Olympic rings motif is purely coincidental. 😏                                          Here showing the evolution of the Waterman collection, starting with the OG through the current GMT Titanium. It’s actually our only collection to represent three different case materials (steel, bronze, titanium).                                          Have always enjoyed looking at watches in series, provides a different perspective than when flying solo.                                          Which is your favourite Waterman edition to date? Let us know below, and share/tag us with your own Magrette Five Watch Collection! 🤙🏼                                          Left to right:• Waterman OG• Waterman Bronze• Waterman Bronze GMT• Waterman GMT Titanium• Magrette x REDBAR NZ Waterman GMT Titanium #watchfam #GMT #titaniumwatches #bronzewatches #travel
  • First Two'fer Tuesday of 2024! Also first Titanium Tuesday!What a whirlwind this past weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's Eve celebrations and have since recovered. Looking forward to a terrific 2024.Let us know your #watchgoals for the year, and what you might like to see from us moving forward. Throw your thoughts in the comments below 👇, and tag your like-minded watch friends as well. Cheers! 🤙🏼#watchfam #GMT #titaniumwatches #travel #2024
  • Happy Holidays and all the best from our family to yours. Cheers! 🍻#watchfam #GMT #travel #holidays #festive #RBNZ
  • December 22nd! Last gasp before the Big Day! Sticking with them of 2's how about this pair? The Moana Pacific Professional Titanium and Waterman GMT Titanium.We like this combo for a few reasons. Provides some range for sizing at 44mm vs 40mm, suitable for different occasions. Combines a straight-up diver with a complication. And both share that very cool titanium sheen and relatively light weight.What are your thoughts on this pairing? What other Magrette watches would you like to mix and match? Let us know in the comments below!#watchfam #GMT #travel #titaniumwatches #bronzewatches
  • #TwoferTuesday.#TitaniumTuesday.Take your pick! If only the svelte new 40mm case size introduced with the Waterman GMT Titanium were available in bronze. 🤔's coming! Announced last week an expansion to this lineup with a pair of bronze references, featuring green or charcoal dials. Still running the Miyota Caliber 9045 automatic GMT movement under the hood with the very cool and practical jumping local hour traveller or flyer operation.The Waterman family has actually become our most diverse in regards to case materials; originally launched in steel with bronze and titanium introduced later. Bronze is particularly unique in the context of its titanium sibling—where titanium staunchly resists corrosion, bronze embraces it as a protective shield that also reflects the owner and their environment.Given your choice of metals where do you land?#watchfam #GMT #travel #titaniumwatches #bronzewatches
  • Announced this morning on our newsletter is the latest addition to the 40mm Waterman GMT family — this popular size will be available in bronze!The original 42mm bronze Waterman three-hander and GMT’s were huge hits with our fans. As has the new 40mm size in titanium. Bringing back the bronze is a natural fit.This release introduces two new colourways to the Waterman family —an earthy green and crisp charcoal. Both pair well with the warm bronze case. Under the hood remains the ever-practical Miyota Caliber 9075 automatic GMT movement. This of the jumping local hour or “traveller/flyer” GMT executions. Has been really well received by our Waterman Titanium customers for good reason.More details to come, and you check out the preorder page through link in bio. Excited to hear your questions and comments…post ‘em below! 👇🏻 #watchfam #gmt #bronzewatches
  • It's the last #WatermanWednesday of November! 😲Well that month went fast, and the next one is gonna be a whirlwind, too. Not wanting to hop on the holiday bandwagon too early, but we think the polar version of the Waterman GMT Titanium will be a great pairing for the season! Tag us with your favourite festive combo's! 🎄#redbar #microbrand #watchphotography #GMTwatches #watchuseek

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