Magrette Timepieces is a boutique dive and sport watch brand based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We aspire to bring the personal touch into all the timepieces we create. We only produce restricted batches so we can focus on creating quality product for our customers.

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  • Weekend is fast approaching! Who else is looking forward to getting away from the desk and getting into the water?
  • Happy #TitaniumTuesday!Did you know titanium is around 40% lighter than steel while maintaining strength and offering increased corrosion resistance? There's a reason why it is such a popular metal for dive watches and sport watches.Titanium also has a unique tone that further distinguishes it from stainless steel. Combine that with a sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel, and a robust Swiss automatic mechanical movement and you get a robust dive watch that looks the business but is also comfortable to wear. The Moana Pacific Pro Ti ticks a lot of boxes!We're excited to start shipping the new Waterman GMT Ti in a few more months. It's the first time the Waterman collection has used titanium for the case material. Also the first 40mm Waterman, so expect a really comfy wearing experience. A nice perk for its intended use of international travel!Let us know your thoughts on titanium as a watch case material—or other alternatives to steel for that matter—in the comments below. If you haven't already be sure to follow us for more updates, and check out the link in bio for additional details on the Waterman GMT Ti pre-order.Cheers! 🤙🏼🇳🇿
  • The beautiful simplicity of a ZULU strap on a dive watch. Practical, the Moana Pacific Pro Titanium on gunmetal. But what's better than just one strap? How about several?For the next few days we are offering our exclusive travel case and a bundle of straps with every in-stock watch purchase. More details through link in bio.How do you like your diver? ZULU? Leather? Rubber? Let us know in the comments below. Happy #ThrowbackThursday!
  • #WatermanWednesday is upon us again!As we wait for production shots of the new Waterman GMT Titanium how about this re-purposed look with coke-on-NATO? ⚫️🔴May be biased, but thinking this looks pretty spicy! 🔥
  • Who's thirsty for some Coke? ⚫️🔴Pre-orders for the new Waterman GMT Titanium featuring traveller style movement with jumping local hour hand going strong! Thank you for all the messages and good vibes since we launched the new collection. 🙏🏻More details through link in bio.
  • Happy #MagretteMonday!As spicy as the new Waterman GMT Titanium polar coke looks on our red FKM rubber strap...we think it looks the business on bracelet. Also in titanium.The bracelet features an H-link configuration that gently tapers from 20mm at the lug to 16mm at the clasp. The butterfly clasp presents a clean, low profile. And there are half-links to help refine sizing.What do you think? Bracelet or rubber as your preferred pairing? Let us know below, more details through link in bio. We will continue to update as new info becomes available.Enjoy your week!
  • No throwback for #ThrowbackThursday. Updated render for the crisp white-dial Waterman GMT Titanium with Coke-style bezel. We love the pop of the white contrast against black, with the red zing. So excited to ship later this year and seeing the different strap combos owners come up with.Will continue to release updates as they become available. Until then let us know your favourite dial and bezel configuration below, and what other strap pairings you want to see. More details on the pre-order available through link in bio. Cheers! 🤙🏼🇳🇿
  • Is Timezone Thursdays a thing? Probably should be.Check out the caseback of the new Waterman GMT Titanium. Surrounding the central globe relief are the world timezone offsets for quick reference. Following a game in Mexico? Spin the new bi-directional bezel to -6. Friend in Tokyo? Give 'er a whirl to +9.Care to guess which is Auckland? 😏🤙🏼🇳🇿Pre-orders for the new Waterman GMT Titanium are now live.

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  • Photo by Instagram user Ghost & Crown Trading Co. (@ghostandcrown)
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  • Photo by Instagram user Conan (@halveye32)
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